Be An Original
”Right now I am sitting in a session where they are being used. Last week we began rolling out an abbreviated employee conference and are using the balls. They are a big hit, and they look great. I am so glad that we did the customization. Thanks for your hard work to make this a success.”
Mark S. – Learning Director

Create a one-of-a-kind Thumball™, Thumball Cups, or ThirstyTalk™ product to promote your company in an attention getting way. Creative application of these award winning concepts has resulted in customized products for effective corporate training, product awareness, brand building, reading comprehension, speech, language and communication skills. Our customized items are an innovative way of training employees, educating customers, branding products, marketing services and enhancing fund raising events. (Minimum custom order 144 pieces, lead time 4-16 weeks)

Maybe you already see a theme you like but want to brand the product with your company logo or include a conference or convention title. Check out our line of products for a simple solution to your corporate branding needs. Contact us for more details.