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1015 Who Do You Know? Thumball (Size: 6 inches) NEW!

1015 Who Do You Know? Thumball (Size: 6 inches) NEW!

ITEM # 1015




Black/Orchid 32 panel Thumball (6″). Age: 3 – adult.

Who Do You Know? Thumball is the great way for groups of people to share and interact. Interpersonal skills expand with 32 figures of speech.

Throw it. Catch it. Respond to the panel under your thumb. Conversations come alive using idioms that describe qualities of friends, co-workers and family.

Enjoy reflecting on the characteristics of people we know at home school or work. Ideal tool for English as a second language learners.

KEEP YOUR THUMBALL SECURE! DON’T CUT OFF THE LABELS! Write your name on the name tag label. Use the loop label for hanging or using the Thumball Carabiner Accessory.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 6.5 x 6 in